Another Spring And Another Move In My Future
This seems like a never ending occurrence it's time to help my daughter move again. This has been yearly since she originally moved to the Dallas area. We were hoping that this year we could skip it for once.
Planet Fitness Warmed A Lot Of Hearts Recently
I don't have a gym that I am a member of so I really don't have a horse in this race. I was made aware of something really awesome that Planet Fitness has changed in their employee handbook due to our weather here in Texas.
More Snow Than Usual For Amarillo This Season
We can always use the moisture. No matter what the form of it is. I would prefer the rain over the snow. That is because here in Amarillo it is hardly ever just snow. We usually have the killer winds to go with it. Oh and more often than not we have the ice as well.
Travelling In Vegas From Amarillo In Style
So a few weeks ago my daughter celebrated her birthday. For the past many years that means that she decided to take a trip for the occasion. She has gone to South Padre, Dallas (before she lived there), last year it was New Orleans and this year she chose Vegas.

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