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Enjoy James Gunn’s Psychedelic Music Video for ‘Guardians Inferno’
Well, that’s one way to promote your upcoming home video releases! A few months ago, fans who sat all the way through to the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 were treated to more than a handful of bonus scenes: they were also treated to “Guardians Inferno” by The Sneepers, a fictitious disco band that also included a guest appearance by noted German pop star David Hasselhoff. No bonus footage could hold a candle to the infectious disco pop of the song, and plenty of people - myself included - immediately went home and listened to the track on repeat. It’s everything we want the delightfully weird Marvel universe to be.
‘Baywatch’ Set Photos Bring David Hasselhoff Back to the Bay
You can’t have a Baywatch movie without David Hasselhoff. Just a few weeks ago, Dwayne Johnson confirmed what we all assumed by announcing that the star of the original series would be joining the upcoming film, and now we have photographic evidence. While we wait to find out if his equally iconic co-star Pamela Anderson will also be making an appearance in the Baywatch movie, enjoy this set of photos featuring the Hoff and his new pals.
Oh Heck Yes, ‘Sharknado 3’ Has a First Trailer
Because you asked for it, pleaded for it, mailed millions of pounds of chum to your local congressman for it, Sharknado is back and headed to Washington D.C. for a second sequel. The first trailer from Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! has arrived, and yes, a shark lands on the Lincoln Memorial.