‘Dexter’ Coming to Netflix in Its Entirety Starting on Halloween
Though only a few months removed from the series finale and intensely divisive final season, 'Dexter' will have us back on the table before long. Netflix has announced that the first four seasons will be available to stream on the site beginning this upcoming Halloween Thursday, with the final four seasons to follow shortly thereafter in 2014.
'Dexter' Series Finale: Different Ending
'Dexter''s disappointing final hour "Remember the Monsters" brought the series to an ultimate close this past Sunday, leaving an open-ended resolve that producers claim hadn't been written any other way. And while the final season of the Showtime serial killer hit has brought with it an array of criticism, none prove so biting as former showrunner Clyde Phillips, who himself had a drasti
‘Dexter’ Series Finale “Remember the Monsters” Sneak Peeks: Who’s At Death’s Door?
Though 'Dexter''s final season has been laughable at times, our long national nightmare comes to a close this coming Sunday with the Showtime serial killer's final installment "Remember the Monsters." And while we're not altogether optimistic 'Dexter' will pull out of its tailspin before the end, two new series finale sneak peeks tease an emotional climax for one of our mortally wounded
‘Dexter’ “Are We There Yet?” Sneak Peek Clips: Zach’s First Kill Room, and Deb vs. Hannah!
The beginning of the end for 'Dexter' has unfurled with only five episodes remaining in the eighth and final season. And while Hannah McKay's return has injected plenty of life into the second half of episodes, will another major character soon be robbed of theirs? The first clips from next Sunday's "Are We There Yet?" have arrived online, and it seems Dexter will have some tough choices

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