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‘Tallulah’ Trailer: Ellen Page Steals a Baby
Tallulah is like the bleak, bizarro version of Juno: It stars Ellen Page and Allison Janney, but instead of giving a baby away, Page steals one from an ill-equipped mom and tries to pass it off as her own. The new drama received mostly positive reviews at Sundance, and before it debuts on Netflix ne…
‘Flatliners’ Remake Eyes ‘Rogue One’ Star Diego Luna
Despite the existence of The Lazarus Effect, Sony is still moving forward with their remake of Flatliners. As announced last fall, Ellen Page will lead the redo of the 1990 sci-fi classic, and if you assumed the lack of news about the forthcoming project implied that Page would be playing all the ro…
Celebrities that Can Juggle
I enjoy watching celebrities that can juggle.  I don't know why I find this fascinating, I just do.  Maybe it's my secret wish to juggle, which I can, just not very well.  Here are a few celebrities that can juggle.