Ewan McGregor

‘T2 Trainspotting’ Is the Ultimate 2017 Movie
There are a lot of freeze-frames in T2 Trainspotting. To an inattentive viewer, they might look like empty style for style’s sake, or a nod back to the flashy visuals and hyperkinetic editing of the original Trainspotting from 20 years ago. But the freeze-frames also turn the film’s su…
The secrets of Trainspotting
If you’ve seen Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting, you know that the Scottish accents of the main characters can be so thick that it’s sometimes hard to understand what they’re saying. But did you know that their accents were so thick initially that Boyle actually re-recorded th…
Ewan McGregor Could See Himself Doing Two Obi-Wan Movies
When an actor expresses interest in returning to an iconic role, I always wonder whether the actor needs the movie more than the studio needs the actor. Ron Perlman, for example, has spent years talking up his interest in another Hellboy movie, despite it being fairly obvious that the studio had no …
Way Back When: Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor's been an outstanding talent in films from 'Trainspotting' to the 'Star Wars' prequels, but in today's Way Back When we give you a look at McGregor before he was famous.

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