Earth Is Safe From Asteroid For At Least 100 Years
There is some good news this week. NASA officials say Planet Earth is safe from being hit by an asteroid that scientists have been studying for years.
According to NASA Asteroid Apophis will not be slamming into planet Earth within the next 100 years...
Back on This Day
Back on this day in 1986 was a tragic day in American History.  It was supposed to be a momentous day and it turned into something horrible.
Astronaut Tweets Space Pics
NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman docked with the International Space Station on Thursday, he is a Flight Engineer on board the International Space Station for Expedition 41.  Thank goodness for technology, mainly Twitter, because he has been tweet some awesome pictures from space.
Happy Earth Day!
Today is Earth Day!  If you get a chance give it a hug today!  Here's some awesome videos to celebrate this wonderful day on Earth.  NASA is enouraging a Global Selfie today so get outside in your favorite spot and share it with the world. #globalselfie

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