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Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Skyscraper’ Gets a New Costar and Synopsis
Does anyone else think that Dwayne Johnson’s blockbuster movies are starting to blur together a little bit? Given that Johnson tends to play variations of the same character  —  the tough-as-nails and compassionate ex-military whatever  —  while things blow up around him, what matters most is the type of thing that’s blowing up. Sometimes they’re cars (The Fate of the Furious), sometimes parts of California (San Andreas), and sometimes monsters (Rampage). Don’t worry, though, because Johnson will really show off his range with his next film: this time, it’s a building that blows up. Oscar, please!
‘Mad Men’ Season Premiere Review: “Time Zones”
‘Mad Men’ season 7 pitches its 1st and premiere episode of the final season, “Time Zones,” as Don finds a new creative outlet amid trips to New York and California, while Peggy struggles with her new boss, and Joan attempts to salvage a departing account. Last season’s ‘Mad Men’ finale, “In Care Of,” saw Don debating a move to California when the opportunity presented, while Ted and Peggy finally