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Here's the Official Title
Solo. That’s the title of the upcoming Star Wars Story spinoff that follows the adventures of a young Han Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich. After months of speculation, a change in directors, and reshoots, Ron Howard finally revealed the official title of the project — formerly operating under the working title “Red Cup” — on his Twitter account today in a special message to fans.
Ron Howard Shares a Video of an Actual Piece of Junk From the ‘Han Solo’ Set
Ron Howard has been keeping us somewhat up to date on his process shooting the untitled Han Solo prequel spinoff. He posts new tweets almost daily showing off the most behind-the-scenes stuff he can get away with, and today was no different: Howard posted a video from the set showing a pile of junk that looks like pieces of a crashed vehicle. Maybe one of the ships that didn’t make the Kessel Run?
Ron Howard Shares the First Photo of Chewbacca on ‘Han Solo’ Set
Ron Howard finally learned how to use his phone camera! The director has been sharing a bunch of obscure (and relatively boring) photos from the set of the Han Solo movie since taking over as director. He took a photo of a case of water bottles (thrilling!), a street sign outside Pinewood Studios, and a coffee mug, convincing me that they all must have been accidents. He was clearly trying to take a selfie with Alden Ehrenreich’s titular smuggler but couldn’t figure out how to reverse the camera. Finally, today, we got a revealing photo.
Ron Howard Shares Set Photo From His First Day on ‘Han Solo’
Ron Howard is a very capable director who knows how to position a camera and capture a powerful image. But I also have a sneaking suspicion that maybe Ron Howard isn’t great at social media or taking casual phone pics. He seems like the type of dad who accidentally snaps a selfie when attempting to take a shot of a sunset, or butt-Facetimes his family. Just look at his latest Twitter photo.
Report: Ron Howard the Frontrunner to Finish ‘Han Solo’
We’re still reeling from the news that Phil Lord and Chris Miller have walked off (or been fired from) the Han Solo spinoff Star Wars anthology film, but this movie has a release date in less than a year, and it is coming to theaters, with Lord/Miller or not. Although the news that the directing duo was not finishing Han Solo was announced today, the search for a replacement was already underway. Deadline says that Lucasfilm’s top pick at the moment is Ron Howard, the Oscar-winning filmmaker of movies like Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and The Da Vinci Code:

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