Clearly Canadian is Clearly Back on Amarillo Shelves
Do you know that moment when you are walking down an aisle in your favorite grocery store and something catches your eye? You are not quite sure if what you think you saw you actually did. I mean are you going crazy? Were you suddenly transported to the late eighties early nineties?
Amarillo Police Remind Us About Purse Safety
We get busy. We run in the store to get our groceries. We have the kids with us that we are keeping an eye on. They are reaching for a box of their favorite cereal. You are grabbing the oatmeal you need. Your purse where is it?
806 Health Tip: How To Handle Frozen Sanitizer
We have started carrying hand sanitizer with us a lot more than we used to. We may have a bottle at work. We may have another one in our purse. We have even started keeping some in the car. We want to make sure we are always prepared.

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