Texas is known for its love of all things Second Amendment. The Lone Star State takes gun ownership very seriously. It makes sense, then, that Texas would be one of the states to see the installation of new ammunition vending machines in grocery stores. You can now snag a loaf, some Ramen, and a box of shells.

American Rounds Installs Ammo Vending Machines In Grocery Stores In 3 States

American Rounds is the company behind the ammo vending machines. They are installing these vending machines in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas. Alabama is getting one, Oklahoma is getting four, and Texas is getting one. The Texas location is in the Lowe's Market in Canyon Lake.

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The vending machines aren't without their critics. There are those who are worried about the machines being out in the open, and the potential for the ammo to wind up in hands that it shouldn't. The company behind the vending machines says they're actually safer than most other ways of purchasing ammo.

How Do The Ammo Vending Machines Work?

It isn't as simple as walking up to the machine, typing in your selection, and then walking away with some ammo. There are a few steps you have to take before you walk away with a box of rounds.

The vending machine will first scan your driver's license to make sure you're old enough to make the purchase. Then, it will use facial recognition to verify you are who you say you are. After that, you complete your purchase and go on your way. Supposedly, it takes around a minute and a half once you're familiar with the machine.

Will There Be More Vending Machines Rolled Out In Texas?

Of course, the plan would be to put more of these vending machines in stores across the states where they already exist. The main focus for now, though, is supposedly on rural areas where there may not be as many options for purchasing ammo.

It will be interesting to see if these ammo vending machines catch on and if Texas winds up getting more in the future.

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