It's no secret that people have been flocking to Texas from California in recent years. Several businesses, billionaires, and celebrities have relocated to the Lone Star State. It's given us Texans a little boost to our pride, now that everyone else knows what we know. However, a recent study was done and apparently, California beats Texas in one way and it's at the flagpole.

The Battle Between Texas And California

For whatever reason, Texas and California have kind of become rivals in the past several years. Texans supposedly don't want anything to do with Cali, and the same can supposedly be said in reverse. According to a recent study, California beats Texas in one very noticeable way.

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The big brains over at decided to see which state flags were the most forgettable. A quiz was done asking participants to identify state flags in a short amount of time. The good news is that people easily recognize the Texas state flag. How could they not?

The bad news is that people recognize the California state flag more.

How Can People Forget What The Texas State Flag Looks Like?


It blows my mind that anyone could not recognize the state flag of Texas. The Lone Star Flag is a one-of-a-kind. We're called the Lone Star State. If you've ever been to Texas, you've seen it everywhere. According to the information pulled from the quiz results, 87.6% of participants recognized the Texas flag. There's 12.4% of the population that needs help.


California narrowly beat out Texas. Looking at the results of the quiz, 88.8% of participants recognized the state flag of California. I have a theory as to why. If you look closely at their state flag, their name is written on it! What I think we've really learned is that 88.8% of the population can read. There were 11.2% of participants who weren't even sure what website they were on.

At least Texas doesn't have to give people a hint on its flag to remind people where they are.

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