Is it unfair to say that the new 'The Internship' trailer looks like it escaped from the mid-2000s? Although it's a 2013 release, it looks like the kind of movie that would've made bank eight or so years ago, back when the comedic duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were a force to be reckoned with. The trailer (which you can watch below) showcases a movie that looks, like its characters, a little behind the times.

The story follows two professional salesman who lose their jobs but manage to snag internships at Google despite being total luddites (they apparently don't even know what Gmail is). Naturally, hijinks ensue and our heroes end up learning a lot of valuable lessons and probably teaching the geeks they're working with a thing or two. Although the trailer doesn't necessarily map out the entire movie, this is well-trod territory, so you can probably imagine an ending to this thing right now and be completely right.

Of course, formulaic isn't always a bad thing with comedies as long as the performers are appealing and the script funny. Once upon a time, Vaughn and Wilson were comedic superstars (everyone saw 'Wedding Crashers'), but we'll have to see if their chemistry is intact nearly a decade later. The trailer doesn't give us high hopes (every joke feels so tired), but we really want to be proven wrong.

'The Internship' opens on June 7.

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