Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gave a tearful eulogy at his father's funeral.

Rocky Johnson passed away at 75-years-old from a heart attack on January 15.  Two weeks ago, Dwayne expressed just how hard it was to write his dad's eulogy. The wrestler turned actor shared a video of the tribute to his father on his Instagram account on Friday (February 7).

Dwayne stepped up to the podium where he took a moment to collect himself before beginning his speech. "Man, I wish I had…  wish I had one more shot," he began. He paused, "I wish I had one more shot, you know, to say goodbye... to say I love you, to say thank you."

He shared that he has a feeling that his father is up above, watching and listening, before thanking everyone in attendance for their support during such a difficult time. He explained that he found out about the news of his dad's passing while he was driving to work.

Dwayne was walking into work when the news finally sunk in for a brief moment. "You know how you have those moments where you try and shake yourself out of it, and you’re like 'No, it’s not a dream… my dad’s gone,'" he said. "And in that moment, I just thought ‘Well, what do I need to do? What’s the next thing that I need to do?’" His father's voice told him that "the show must go on."

Show business was a family affair, Rocky coached his son in wrestling after he retired as a WWE Hall of Famer, himself. Photos and videos of Rocky's career played on the video screen behind Dwayne while he spoke about his father's trailblazing legacy.

He concluded his speech by asking for everyone to walk out of the doors holding "each other a bit tighter" and to "be a bit more present."

Watch his full speech, below.

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