Just hours ago we learned that 'The Walking Dead' season 4 will tap producer and writer Scott Gimple as the AMC drama's new show-runner, replacing current helmer Glen Mazzara, but we've still got miles to go in season 3 before then. And while we eagerly await 'The Walking Dead's season 3 return "The Suicide King" on February 10, AMC has issued our freshest look yet! Check out 'The Walking Dead' season 3's eye-patch-tastic new trailer inside!

The newest 'Walking Dead' season 3 poster wasn't kidding about its new tagline "An Eye For An Eye," as the third season's latest trailer for February 10 return episode "The Suicide King" shows the Governor (David Morrissey) raining all manner of fresh hell on our prison survivors following mid-season finale "Made to Suffer."

Among all the juicy goodness of the new trailer, we learned a bit more about Daryl and Merle's ring-side cliffhanger, as well as a first look at the Governor in his trademark comic book eye-patch! Chad Coleman's newly-introduced character Tyreese pledges his loyalty to contribute to Rick's group, while Glenn seems pretty proactive on his own toward striking back at the Governor. "We're gonna win," Rick confidently closes the trailer predicting.

Check out the latest trailer for 'The Walking Dead' season 3 return below, and give us your predictions for "The Suicide King" in the comments!

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