I don't know about your kids, actually I have no idea if you have kids, but my kids are going to love this. To this day, my 4-year-old talks longingly of the time the plumber came to our home a visit and gave her a rubber duck -- I'm pretty sure she was only two at the time.

So, yeah, it looks like me and my family will be headed to Fort Worth in July to see the World's Largest Rubber Duck. Coming in at a whopping six stories tall, I'm pretty sure it's a title that she will not be relinquishing any time soon.

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The pending duck's arrival to the Lone Star State begs the question, why? Why is the duck coming to Cow Town?

“We are doing all of this for the sake of kindness — to show kindness to the amazing people and businesses in our communities; to show kindness to friends, family, and strangers alike; to show kindness to Cowtown and everything that’s great in it,” Kindness Duck Project executive director Kyle Wagner told Fort Worth Magazine.

And guess what? She's bringing her baby duck, Timmy. Yeah, turns out that the World's Largest Duck is also a mama duck and she's bringing her 10-foot-tall duckling with her.

Make plans now, the action is going down at Trinity Park in Fort Worth between July 23 and 25, it's all a part of the Big #KindnessDuck Party, the free event will feature twenty two acres of food trucks, vendors, tents showcasing the work of local nonprofits, and of course, the World's Largest Rubber Duck.

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