It seems tired and cliche' in our part of the world to hear that "things are opening back up." It feels like we've been open for a while now. Even though we can all gather at our favorite bar or restaurant, things aren't really back to normal until Walmart is open 24 hours.

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I remember when the Walmart in the town I lived in as a kid went 24 hours. It was magical. I was living on my own in my 20s and loved hitting the five dollar DVD bin after a long night of libations with friends.

Sometimes I would need to do a quick home repair and needed supplies, or I would suddenly remember I needed groceries. 24 hour Walmart was there.

I didn't realize just how much I took it for granted until the various Walmart stores in town started closing early. One night, my then pregnant wife and I decided to stop by Walmart on the way home, only to find it closed. I had forgotten what that feeling was like.

As of right now, the Walmart on Coulter still closes up for the night. It's not a tough window to make it in though. They don't close until 11 PM.

Still, they close. That's the bummer. No late night walking around admiring the other degenerate insomniacs with nothing better to do.

In all honesty, shopping at Walmart at 2 AM is the best time to do it. No one is there. There are no lines, if you can believe it.

As much as we all celebrate the return to normal, things won't be normal until Walmart is open 24 hours in Amarillo.

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