In case you're unaware, there's a TV series on FX that is all about the Sex Pistols. The series follows the stories of the British punk rockers.

Did you happen to see the surprise cameo Tascosa Drive-In had in the Pistol series?

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First Things First, Why Is A Drive-In From Amarillo In This Series?

That's a fair question. When you think of Amarillo, Texas, you don't necessarily think of the Sex Pistols They did happen to pass through, though. It was in 1978 during their U.S. tour.

They were on the Texas leg of the trip. Things were out of control. Sid and Johnny fought constantly. In fact, Sid was supposedly fighting with anyone and everyone; including his own security guards.

Sex Pistols, Never Mind The Bans Tour
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There's a book about the tour and in it the Pistols are making their way to New Mexico when they passed through. Guess who got a name drop?

The Sex Pistols And Cadillac Ranch

The only detail I'm able to find regarding their passing through Amarillo, is from the book and in it Cadillac Ranch gets mentioned. Supposedly, as they passed by Cadillac Ranch, Johnny Rotten spoke up with that classic Rotten sarcastic sneer.

He called it a "stirring work."

Tascosa Drive-In And Pistol

Tascosa Drive-In shared a clip on social media today, in case you haven't seen the series, of the Sex Pistols stopping at a drive-in to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Because of course you would have to stop and see "Chainsaw" when passing through Texas.

The drive-in they pulled into looks awfully familiar.

The clip put a big smile on my face. Things have been tough for Tascosa Drive-In recently, and I'm glad to see our drive-in have some time to shine.

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