When Tom Cruise made his first action movies I was four years old. That was 32 years ago. Now I’m weeks away from having my second kid. And Tom Cruise is still making action movies.

His latest effort, American Made, might be a little less action-y than his usual fare; it’s more of a biopic crime movie with action elements. But the trailer still sells Cruise doing unbelievable things in various airplanes. And either way, there’s already another Mission: Impossible on the way just as soon as Cruise recovers from the injury he suffered on the set of the film and gets back to work. Even with the bum wheel, Cruise shows no sign of slowing down at age 55. 55! I’m 36, and I get winded walking up the street from the subway to my apartment.

This is why people love Tom Cruise; because he doesn’t quit or slow down. He’s relentless. He’s already got 18 action movies under his belt over the last three decades. But which is the best? And, almost as importantly, which is the worst? To settle this debate once and for all (at least until later this week), I created this list of every Tom Cruise action movie, up to and including his soul-crushingly terrible version of The Mummy from just a few months ago. So there’s your spoiler; our list begins there. That’s the bottom. To find out which Cruise thriller is the best, you will have to read to the end. Or just look within your heart; you know what the right answer is here.

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