When Loki isn't pestering the Asgardians or waging war against Earth with his Chitauri army, he's making unannounced appearances at country music festivals to belt out some songs. No, seriously! Actor Tom Hiddleston crashed the Wheatland Music Festival in Michigan this past weekend to sing a couple Hank Williams covers ahead of his upcoming role as the country music legend in the biopic 'I Saw the Light.'

We've heard the actor sing a tune in Disney's 'The Pirate Fairy,' while he's also sung "Bare Necessities" from 'The Jungle Book,' "Get Loki" (a spoof on Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"), "If I Had a Hammer," and ... well, let's just say the man loves to sing! But the best way for him to win over Hank Williams fans before he portrays him onscreen is to do exactly what he did.

Embedded above is video of Hiddleston singing the late musician's "Move It On Over," while on Sunday, he returned to perform "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," accompanied by Rodney Crowell (see photo proof below). It's difficult to hate on this guy, a man who clearly loves what he does and will go that extra mile-and-a-half for the fans.

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