Tom Hiddleston just keeps getting cooler and cooler. (And cuter, but that's besides the point. Ahem.)

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show on October 2, the Crimson Peak actor launched into a medley of spot-on celebrity impressions at the behest of Norton, satirizing the unique vocal quirks of actors ranging from Owen Wilson to Christopher Walken. But it was his impression of the legendary Robert De Niro that had the audience and the other guests— including fellow actors Anne Hathaway, Kenneth Branagh, and yes, Bobby himself—in stitches.

Sitting on the couch across from the Oscar-winning actor, Hiddleston treated the talk-show to a brilliant reenactment of the famed coffee shop scene from De Niro's 1995 classic, Heat. "So there's this scene in the middle of the film, which you'll be familiar with—you were there!" Hiddleston begins playfully, gesturing to his idol, before launching into a pretty impressive impersonation of both De Niro and Al Pacino's tough characters from the flick.

In fact, he almost reenacts the entire scene! And Bobby, who watches on amused, chortling, and particularly entertained by Hiddleston's surprisingly gruff Pacino, seems to be quite impressed with the younger actor's tribute, nodding and clapping enthusiastically when Hiddleston finishes his impression of the scene. "This is so meta!" Tom exclaims. Isn't it, though?

Afterwards, the visibly-thrilled (and possibly starstruck) Avengers star fanboys a bit while chatting candidly with his icon, De Niro sharing that the coffee shop scene was his favorite from the film. By the end, there's a permanent grin and embarrassed blush plastered across his face. (Funny, that's usually my reaction to Hiddleston.)

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