Are you a binger?  You know you sit down and watch a season of a TV show in one day.  I find myself in that situation all the time, and I usually end up staying up all night and dragging the next day.  It is addicting, these shows suck you in and you want more.  It's not as if you have to wait a week for the next episode, you just have to wait for it to roll into the next one automatically.  So are you ready to find out what I think your next TV binges should entail.

Game of Thrones

You can't get GOT on Netflix but you can get it through HBOGo, and now you don't have to subscribe the actual HBO channel to access HBOGo, you can buy a subscription.  I was told I needed to watch this show, so I did.  I was sucked in after the first episode.  So within two weeks I had the entire 5 seasons watched and now I have to wait til April, to watch the new season.  Let me just warn you, don't get attached to anyone.  No one is safe in this show, I mean, no one!

Parks and Rec

OK so I haven't myself watched this show and I was told I needed to and since it has ended its run on NBC, I will be logging into Netflix and checking it out.

Gilmore Girls

I was so late in the game to this show.  I actually watched it 3 years after it went off the air, but I fell in love with it.  It was the best show!   It was a wonderful show about the dynamics of single mother and her daughter coming of age.   It is a must watch.  You will fall in love with the characters.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream!   Plus, the good news, Netflix just picked the show up and will be creating 4 more episodes.  So Yay!!

American Horror Story

Let's face it no season is the same when it comes to American Horror Story. Trust me when I say it is full of horror.  They push the envelope on this show and a lot of times, I had to question my sanity for watching, but alas, it is a very well written show of twistedness.    My favorite season is still season 1 because of the cast and it is one crazy ride. My second favorite season was American Horror Story: Coven.  So take the time and start from season one and get caught up.   Keep in mind somehow and some way, all the seasons are connected.

Mad Men

So I didn't watch this show while it was on and I am told that this is a must binge.  So I will be watching this one very soon.  So come along for the ride and watch it with me and we'll discuss.

So there's a list to get started on.  Any suggestions for a show to binge watch?


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