Today is the day to celebrate the creation we call beer.  Today is International Beer Day!  Here's some great places in Amarillo to celebrate this wonderful brew.

Anna Gontarek-Janicka
  • Yellow City Street Food

    First YCSF, has a great selection of craft beer to enjoy.  So if you are celebrating International Beer Day make this a stop in your celebration.

    They regularly host Beer Dinners and Pint Nights as well.

    However, you need to pair you beer with some of their amazing food.  Oh, don't forget the animal fries.

  • Long Wooden Spoon Brewery

    Two friends got together to make quality craft beer and Long Wooden Spoon was created.

    Their craft beers are:

    • Caprock Canyon Cream Ale
    • 6th St Wheat
    • Texas Witty Twister
    • Amarillo Sunrise Kolsch
    • Polk St American Pale Ale
    • Maximum Effort IRA
    • 501st Dunkelweizen
    • P3 Coffee Porter

    Plus, They are always having great events.

  • Big Texan Brewery

    The Big Texan is know for their 72oz steak, but they are also have a great selection of their very own craft beer.   They started their brewery in 2011 and now offer 11 different craft beers.

    So go enjoy a beer and a steak!

  • 575 Pizzeria

    Pizza and beer go hand in hand, so why not celebrate International Beer Day with a great craft beer and pizza.

    575 Pizzeria has a great beer selection.    They have 9 beers on tap, 56 different types in bottles and 15 types in cans.

  • Hummer's Sports Cafe

    Beer and sports another perfect pair.  Hummer's is a great place to celebrate International Beer Day!

    They offer a Hall of Foam Club.  Once you join you get a Hummers Hall of Foam T-Shirt.  After trying  10 of their beers you get a Hummers Shot Glass, at 20 beers a Hummers Koozie.  After trying 30 of their beers you'll get a Hummers pint glass, and a Hummers Cap and at 40 beers, and at 51 beers an "I Drank 51 Beers at Hummers" T-Shirt.

  • Imperial Taproom

    So it's technically not in Amarillo, but it's close enough in Canyon that we are including it on this list.

    Imperial Taproom has award winning craft beer, in fact, named it the Best Beer Bar in the State of Texas in 2016.

    Plus, you definitely want to try their amazing food.  

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