Michael Bay is rebooting the 'Transformers 4' franchise and has replaced almost all the actors from the original trilogy of films. But despite the reboot, it looks like 'Transformers 4' might see the return of one of the unlikeliest actors. Megan Fox.

Bleeding Cool reports that rumors of Megan Fox in 'Transformers 4' intensified recently when Paramount uploaded a photo of a Lamborghini Aventador to Instagram -- which probably wouldn't have been a big deal if the image hadn't been given a "#MeganFox" hashtag. As a user at Bay's official site later asked, "Could this be telling us something or (more realistically) is this a mistake or plot to get more views?"

Given that Bay's taken a fair amount of apparent glee in manufacturing (and/or denying) rumors about his projects, that's a fair question. Bay's forum moderator posted a message saying "Someone’s in trouble. It’s gonna be a long week," which makes it looks like the studio may have let a spoiler slip, but again, Bay enjoys stirring up stuff like this, so it could all very well amount to nothing.

It would be an about face for Fox who hated her experience on the first two 'Transformers' films so much, she railed against Bay in the media, likening him to Hitler (comments that promptly got her fired from the franchise by producer Steven Spielberg).

As Bleeding Cool's report reminds us, Fox was already rumored for a 'Transformers 4' cameo, and she's currently filming scenes as April O'Neil in the Bay-produced 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' reboot, so she has clearly buried the hatchet with Bay and it isn't hard to imagine one thing leading to another. Maybe she'll bring her trampoline to the 'Transformers 4' set?