After six seasons, we're now in the midst of 'True Blood''s final outing, bringing the epic (and ridiculous and 'Twilight'-y at times) love story of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) to an end. We've lost many memorable characters along the way, from the villainous Russell Edgington to the Vampire Authority to Sookie's own gram, and we're honoring them here with a supercut of the most noteworthy and, yeah, straight-up ridiculous deaths from the first six seasons of 'True Blood.'

Some of the great things about 'True Blood,' despite the romance novel-worthy storyline, the chiseled vampire and werewolf hunks, and the often unnecessary sex scenes on par with after-hours "Skinemax," were the show's dramatic death sequences. How many times have 'True Blood' fans witnessed a vamper completely explode in a glorious display of blood and guts? Or how about that gruesome but, still, chuckle-worthy death of Roy, Marnie's suck-up Wiccan? Nowhere but 'True Blood' would we see a vampire rip out someone's heart and suck it down like Capri Sun.

We are still in the midst of 'True Blood' season 7, and there's likely still plenty of bloodshed to go around. But, as we prepare to meet the sun with the culmination of the final season, join us as we honor some of the most memorable deaths on the series. True to the end, Trubies!

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