Robert Forster stands out among the 217 names confirmed for Showtime’s 2017 Twin Peaks revival, as both a new cast member, and potentially established role. Most reports have Forster taking over Michael Ontkean’s role as Twin Peaks sheriff Harry S. Truman, though the actor himself finally weighs in.

Where Showtime has every Twin Peaks star keeping hush-hush on the long-awaited revival (for the longest time, only Kyle MacLachlan was confirmed among the cast), Forster spoke a bit with MovieFone, particularly his 25+ year history with the franchise. Forster could only confirm his presence in the cast, but at least tacitly acknowledged the part for which he’s been rumored:

Well now, first of all, I am under compulsion to not speak about that role. I can now say they’ve announced the fact that I’m in the picture – and 216 other cast members. What a big cast! David Lynch, what a good guy he is. He wanted to hire me for the original, 25 years ago, for a part, and I was committed to another guy for a pilot that never went. So I didn’t do the original “Twin Peaks,” which would have been a life-changer. It’s a gigantic hit if you remember those years, a phenomenon. But I didn’t do that. […]

So whereas I cannot talk about the role, I can tell you that he is one of the great artists in this business, and he does things that … when he needs something, everybody pulls hard and makes it happen. What else? He’s one of those guys who, after a shot, you hear “action,” you hear “cut,” you hear a few minutes of him rolling around in his mind, and everybody’s quiet and waiting to hear what he’s going to say. And sometimes he says, “Shoot it again,” but sometimes he says, “Okay, we got it. Move on.” This is a guy who knows a great shot when he does it, and can move on. It’s an art form to know how strong your shot is, and whether or not that’s going to fit with your needs.

Its premiere now set for spring 2017, new cast includes the likes of Monica Bellucci, Michael Cera, Tim Roth, Ghostbusters alum Ernie Hudson, Walking Dead star Josh McDermitt, and musicians like Trent Reznor and Eddie Vedder, while the full listing lies below:

Showtime Twin Peaks Cast List

David Lynch and Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost have now completed principal photography, with Lynch confirmed to have directed all episodes of the revival series, however many that turns out to be.

Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti’s return is also set, alongside stars Madchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook, Sheryl Lee, Michael Horse, Sherilyn Fenn, Miguel Ferrer, David Patrick Kelly, Richard Beymer and fellow new additions Ashley Judd, James Belushi, Naomi Watts, Tom Sizemore, Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Peter Sarsgaard, Robert Knepper, Amanda Seyfried and Balthazar Getty.

The original Twin Peaks saw Agent Dale Cooper arriving in the titular town to investigate the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, only to find the mystery ran far deeper than he could ever expect, with a touch of the supernatural. The new iteration will pick up 25 years after the Season 2 finale in 1991, which saw MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper in a Black Lodge limbo.

Showtime may come forth with additional Twin Peaks details for 2017 soon, but who, what, where, why and when specifically should we hope for?

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