Amarillo has changed a lot over the years. I've only been here for just over half of a decade, and I have a hard time recognizing some places. We're a city that's growing, and growing fast. At least it seems that way.

Check out this video of Amarillo from the 1980s and see what you can recognize.

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A Video Driving Through 1980s Amarillo

The video was shot at dusk, which makes it a little difficult to see at times. However, there is plenty to look at and have a "remember when" moment.

One of the things that struck me the most about the video right off the bat, was the vehicles. It was like looking back at my childhood.

The one moment that stood out the most was when the driver passed by a 7-Eleven. That should take you way back.

Lots Of Hotels And Restaurants

The video also shows a lot of hotels. Vacancy lights flashing.

There are also a few restaurants you can see in the video. The McDonald's stands out like a retired clown's sore thumb. Those golden arches are hard to miss.

It's also hard to miss the Shakey's sign lit up against the night sky. You remember Shakey's? Of course you do.

Where Was The Video Taken?

See if you can figure it out. Those among us who lived here during the '80s, don't ruin the surprise.

You'll get a big hint when the driver passes several overhead signs pointing travelers in the right direction of the nearest highways.

It will be interesting 40 years from now to see what videos people will be able to find of our current Amarillo, and to see how much it has changed.

Look at How Amarillo's Old Route 66 Motels Looked Then & Now

The heyday of the Mother Road may be long gone, but would you believe that there's still plenty of the old motels where many a weary American family rested their heads during their interstate travels?

You won't believe some of these are still standing, much less still alive and (wait for it..) kickin'!

Untouched by Time: The Historic Homes of Polk Street Then & Now

You know you've entered Amarillo's historic district once you hit the red brick roads of Center City. A unique reflection of past and present, Amarillo's historic homes seem to pose pristinely against the curb.

These large, thoughtfully designed historic homes are part of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Amarillo. But most residents will agree that nothing quite tops the staggering royal beauty of the grand homes of Polk Street. Built by Amarillo's founding fathers, the looming estates of South Polk are a sight to behold.

Check out these stunning comparison photos that show how these gorgeous structures have remained nearly untouched by time.

Sixth Street Over The Years - WOW! What A Change!

Sixth Street in Amarillo looked incredibly different not too long ago. Have you forgotten what it looked like in 2007? Buckle up, the ride is incredible.

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