Today's video flashback belongs to none other than The Wallflowers.  The Wallflowers have been around since 1989, however, it wasn't until 1996 that they hit it big with the release of their album Bringing Down the Horse.

It was there first single One  Headlight that put them on the map.  One Headlight was written by lead singer Jakob Dylan (if you didn't know yes, Jakob is the son of legendary Bob Dylan), and T-Bone Burnett.

The song won two Grammy Awards in 1998 for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group.   It even made it on the list for MTV's 100 Greatest Pop Songs of All Time.

Even though the group put out other albums none were as successful as Bringing Down the Horse.

Their final album as a group was Rebel, Sweetheart, released in 2005.

However, in recent news, Wallflower fans will have something to celebrate.  Jakob Dylan has said the band will be heading back to the studio in January to record a new album.

According to Rolling Stone:

"I've got new songs and we've all been talking," Dylan said. "We've been trying to carve that time out for a while."

I always wanted to. I never suggested we were breaking up. We all felt we were losing the plot a little bit and we needed a break. And that year break becomes two years, then becomes three years, and before you know it five or six years go by pretty quickly. I can't do what I do in the Wallflowers without them. I miss it. I'm happy to put the acoustic guitar down. That was something I wanted to do, but I never planned on hitting the road and just being the guy with a guitar out there. That never has been exciting to me. I came up loving bands and I want to be in one.