From time to time you come across some weird stuff traveling on the highways in the Texas panhandle. We have a lot of weird landmarks dotting the landscape. Once in a while, though, something comes along that you truly don't expect.

Weirdest thing on a panhandle highway today? How about a lot of spilled concrete.

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A Reminder To Always Be Paying Attention When Driving

Today, a notice was put out by the Canyon Police Department on social media that crews were working to clean up a bit of a mess on US 87 heading into Canyon. The reason? Spilled concrete.

As you might be able to imagine, this can cause quite the headache for motorists and crews alike. As most of us are aware, people tend to just fly down that stretch of highway heading into town.

The exact location of the spill was between Hunsley Rd and Russel Long Blvd.

Crews Were Able to Tidy Up, And Get The Road Open Around Lunchtime

At 12:23 PM an update was given that the road was cleared, and was once again open for your travel pleasure.

It's a wild set of circumstances that you don't expect to come across flying down the highway. I can't imagine trying to get down the road with that mess in the way.

Good job and hats off to crews for getting the situation take care of.

It's an odd reminder to pay attention when you're driving. A glance at a cellphone could have meant all kinds of trouble traveling through the spilled concrete.

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