If you live in this general area for any amount of time, you'll know that there is one thing we always need. Ask anyone, and they'll tell you we sure could use some rain. Even when we get rain, they say we could sure use some more rain.

So what happens when it does rain? Apparently, the City fights with mosquitoes.

Apparently It's A Big Issue

We've been fortunate enough recently to get some rain. In fact, I saw where we've recently had a burn ban lifted in some places in the panhandle.

That's great news.

However, with rain comes mosquitoes. It's apparently a big enough problem that the City of Amarillo put out a press release regarding the issue.

The City Is Asking You To Join In The Fight Against Mosquitoes

Don't worry. It's not going to take much for you to do your part in the fight against the needle-nosed menace. There's one big thing you can do that will help a whole bunch.

Get rid of standing water.

The City took time to remind everyone that standing water is a mosquito's favorite breeding ground. The more of it there is, the more mosquitoes there are.

The City also mentioned that they will continue spraying in Amarillo to try and keep the mosquito population under control. They've been spraying in areas around the city since March, according to the press release.

Also mentioned is the fact that you can contact the City to report potential mosquito breeding spots. Call the City of Amarillo Environmental Health Department at (806) 378-9472 Extension 6.

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