According to L Brands, Victoria's Secret's parent company, say they are set to close 53 of the sexy apparel stores in 2019.

During Victoria's Secret's most recent quarter, sales at stores open at least a year fell seven percent. This is a significant drop considering the brand's domination in years past.

Along with the storefront numbers suffering Victoria'sother big money maker, The Victoria's Secret fashion show that aired back in December earned its worst ratings ever.

Many people believe the numbers are reflecting a new culture in America. Women are buying lingerie online for a more private experience. Not to mention the average pant size for women in America is a size 12 their fashion show features airbrushed women with a size 0 or under waste. Critics are saying VS is now unrelatable to the average women.

I for one will be sad if our Amarillo location closes. However, I do see what the reports are saying.

No news yet on if Amarillo has made the store closing list. We will keep you updated as reports come in.

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