I've been obsessed for the past several years over Gambler 500. It's all about fun, crazy vehicles, land preservation, and good times. Every year, enthusiasts gather all over the country (including Texas) for the festivities.

We really need more of Gambler 500 in the Texas panhandle.

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What Is The Gambler 500?

Get a vehicle, cheap as you like. Make it funky. Make it funny. Make it into some kind of Mad Max meets monster truck rally type vehicle.

Meet up with other people who have created their own monstrosity. Rally along off-road trails. Camp out. Have fun. Clean up the land along the way. Have more fun.

That's the basic premise.

In all honesty, every video I've been able to find makes me wish we had more events in the panhandle area. I've only been able to find one that took place on the Canadian River back in 2017. I could have missed something somewhere, but that's all that has turned up.

Upcoming Gambler Event In Texas/Mexico

Coming up next month is Gambler 500 Mexico: Santa Anna's Revenge. It starts off in Terlingua, and goes all the way across the Mexican border to Boquillas Del Carmen.

Then back again.

Along the way, participants will be picking up trash they find that's been dumped on the land, experiencing the desert, and partying back at camp every night. The entire thing is a four day long good time.

I would love to see more stuff like this in the panhandle. While we may not have the vast amount of land as say the G500 Mexico, there's got to be something that could be done. There's no shortage of gear heads, car freaks, and lunatics in general in our area; we should be able to put something together.

It's either that, or I've got one hell of a road trip to put together. Which honestly, doesn't sound like that bad of an idea.

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