Kudo's to the Amarillo PD for handling this professionally!An hour and a half hostage situation and standoff with police at the Walmart at 4215 Canyon Drive ended just before 1 this afternoon with the alleged suspect dead and hostages released.  Store Manager Glen Wilson was the last hostages freed by police according to reports from the Amarillo Globe News.

The incident started just after 11 when what is reported as a store employee fired a shot and took hostages at the retail store located at the corner of I-27 and Georgia.  Police responded in a manner of minutes and evacuated the store and surrounding businesses and tried to work through the stalemate.

Amarillo police said the situation was contained at just before 12:30 when the suspect came in contact with police and was shot.


The investigation is continuing, all roads around the area have been reopened.  The Walmart will remain closed as police continue their investigation.



SCU releases name of suspect: Mohammad Moghaddam, Age 54.

The armed suspect shot by officers inside the Wal-Mart is Mohammad Moghaddam.  He is 54 years of age.  Two hostages in the room were released and are not injured.  One of the hostages taken was a manager with whom the suspect had a work related dispute.

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