One Direction‘s curly-cued cutie Harry Styles has never had a problem attracting women, but the latest celeb to reveal a crush on the singer is truly impressive. What professional hottie has the hots for Hazza?

None other than Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton!

Upton, 20, was shown pictures of One Direction during a photo shoot and she singled out 18-year-old Styles as the cutest. A source told The Sun, “He may like older women but Kate’s in a different league.” Sounds like they’re selling Harry a little short, right? Not like he couldn’t get any girl he wants!

The pair have never met, but both will appear at the MTV Video Music Awards in September. One Direction, who are nominated for a few of the show’s signature Moon Men, will be performing at the ceremony. Upton is expected to present at the show.

Upton has quite a bit of competition for Harry’s heart. He recently exchanged numbers with Canadian singer Alyssa Reid and has been spotted cruising around with Burberry model Cara Delevingne recently.  A source spilled to The Mirror, “Cara and Harry get on like a house on fire. Cara’s a tomboy and has a lot of male friends and Harry’s a cheeky guy and their ­personalities clicked right from the get go.” However, they may not be an item just yet, as the source added, “They both insist there’s ­nothing more but friends think they would make a great power couple of the showbiz world if they got together.”

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