You find yourself running a little behind in the morning. You don't have the time for your usual stop, but still need something in your stomach to make it through the morning. You consider stopping for a quick gas station breakfast.

So who has the best gas station breakfast burrito in Amarillo?

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The New Contender; The Station in Amarillo

When it comes to gas station breakfast burritos, which I know many will call blasphemy, there are good and bad points.

The good is that they're cheap, and it's a quick choice when you're running behind. The bad is that they're usually devoid of flavor, and the tortilla is soggy from having been wrapped in foil for so long.

It's like eating eggs and some crumbles of sausage wrapped in wet paper-mache.

So, trying out a burrito from The Station on McCormick I didn't have my hopes up too much.

The One Major Difference

The burrito I got from The Station? I ordered it, and it was made fresh. That's the biggest difference.

My tortilla wasn't sticky and gross. Major win.

I had the Cadillac, which lived up to its name. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It was filling, and with their green salsa made for a pretty decent breakfast.

I tried a bite plain, with red salsa, and then with the green to get an idea for how to best take the Cadillac.

I don't really recommend taking it plain. They have salsa. Use it. While it wasn't bad, it did leave a little to be desired.

The red salsa was good, but lacked the kick I want. The green wound up being my favorite. The spice was present, but wasn't enough to make me want to rip my tongue out.

All in all, I'd recommend getting a breakfast burrito from The Station. If you're out early enough in the morning and passing by on McCormick.

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