Why does it always seem like when we celebrate something in Amarillo, it has to be at a somewhat odd pick for a time. For instance, there's the celebration of the Route 66 water tower that takes place at 9 AM in the morning. Would love to be there, but work kind of gets in the way.

There is another celebration coming up that isn't during work hours, but it will see you waking up before the sun.

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A Park Lighting Ceremony Coming Up In Amarillo

According to a recent press release issued by the City of Amarillo, there will be a park lighting ceremony on Thursday, 3/30/23, at 6:30AM. It will be to honor the new lighting system at the Martin Road Complex athletic fields.

Yeah. You read that right. 6:30 in the AM.

There Is A Rather Poetic Point To The Early As Heck Wake Up Time

The reason why it's happening before the crack of dawn is, obviously, to give everyone a taste of what they can expect from these new lighting systems. The press release states that parents and athletes will be able to see how bright it will be playing sports with these new systems in place.

The athletic fields at Martin Road Complex are just the first to get the upgrade. There are some lighting systems at city athletic fields that date back to the '70s.\

Definitely time for an upgrade.

Congrats to all of the families who make use of the City's athletic fields. I know how hard it can be to enjoy playing sports with lighting systems that are old and outdated.

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