A lot of people use their New Years’ resolutions to encourage themselves to branch out, explore new places, try new things. But what about trying a very familiar thing, every single day, for the entire year? That’s what Victoria Bemkiempes of The Village Voice is setting out to do.

She’s determined to eat Chinese food everyday in 2012, while mastering the ins and outs, the subtle variations and unappreciated nuances of Chinese take-out.

Bemkiempes, who is based in New York City, is chronicling her experiences on a blog where you can live vicariously through her artery-busting adventures.

Bemkiempes dismisses the usual elitism of dining reviews and instead embraces what we all love about Chinese take-out, vowing to review cheap places and standard fare. She’s proven herself true to her word, having written about egg rolls, chicken and broccoli and all forms of dumplings.

At the close of 2012, Bemkiempes will have created an epic guide to New York’s Chinese take-out and may even have a definitive “best of” list. Or at the very least, perhaps she will be able to recreate the Great Wall of China from those signature white take-out boxes.

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