Linda Carter played a great Wonder Woman back in the day.  I loved Wonder Woman.  I even owned the costume.   Somewhere lurking in a family photo album is a chubby 6 year old in the costume.  Well along with most of the Superhero remakes, David E. Kelley has found his Wonder Woman for his new TV Series.


Adrianne Palicki has been tapped to play the red, white and blue costumed superheroine for the pilot of David E. Kelley's NBC reboot of the classic comic, Warner Bros. Television announced Wednesday.

Best known for Friday Night Lights, the actress also appeared in the quickly canceled Lone Star last year and has a role in the Red Dawn remake coming later this year.

Palecki's no stranger to superheroes and strange circumstances, though: She's appeared on Smallville and Supernatural, had a role in the Aquaman TV movie and even did voice work for Robot Chicken''s Star Wars spoofs.

So another superhero revamp.  Do you think Palecki has the chops to play Wonder Woman?

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