It think the lack of rain is getting to a point where animals are starting to come out of their normal habitat and start sneaking into well populated areas.

Out friends at ProNews 7 has a visit from a fox the other day (and I don't mean their network competitor).

How creepy is that, a fox isn't your ordinary friendly family pet.

It's getting to the point where scary animals and reptiles are coming into the more populated areas.  These creatures are looking for water.

My mother was telling me how one of her neighbors dogs was bitten by a rattlesnake. My mother lives in the middle of her town.   She wouldn't let my toddler go any where near her wood pile in the backyard this past weekend either, just in case a snake was hanging out.  That's a good Grandma!

Any way here is yet another reason why we desperately need rain.  My friend Ryan washed his vehicles yesterday in hopes of bringing the rain.  Hmmm...maybe I should do the same.  Either than or lots of prayer just might work.