Kids React to Technology: The Game Boy
I love these videos where kids react to technology.  They take an old piece of technology or an old video and let kids play or watch it, and then they get their reactions.    This time the kids are given a Game Boy.
Live-In Nanny Refuses to Leave Home After Being Fired
A live-in nanny in Upland, California home refuses to leave the home after being fired.  The family decided to terminate the employment of the nanny after she didn't comply with her job description. The nanny won't leave and the police won't help because it is a civil matter. The…
Man Saves Baby Crawling Near Highway
Babies are quick little creatures. The minute you turn your back, that's the minute they are into something or gone, especially if they are mobile.  This is exactly what a baby in Georgia did when she crawled away from her home and was found 300 yards from her home near a highway.  Lu…

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