Bride Attaches Her Baby to Her Wedding Dress
I completely understanding wanting to have your kids be a part of your wedding, however, attaching your newborn to your wedding dress probably isn't the way to go.  This bride had her wedding dressed altered so that she could attach her baby to the dress to walk down the aisle.
Vacation Bible Schools in Amarillo 2014
Vacation Bible School is an important part of the Summer.  When the kids our out of school, local churches have VBS.  A great way to teach kids about the word of God in a fun, activity filled way.  Here are a list of Vacation Bible Schools in the area.
WikiBear: The Bear That Knows It All
WikiBear is a new bear that can answer all sorts of questions.  I would call this the Teddy Ruxpin of this generation.  It is fully interactive and can have conversations with kids.   Where Teddy Ruxpin would work with cassettes, Wikibear works off of an app connected by  Bl…
Kids Try Gourmet Food – Do they Like it?
When it comes to kids, my kid especially, getting them to try anything new is like pulling teeth.  Unless, it is covered with ice cream, chocolate, anything sweet then they are all about it, or in a kid's meal box.  However, if you try to make them try a new dish, heck no.  Check…
It’s Not Too Late to Register for the Dance Dash 5K
When you hear the word 5K what goes through your head?  Heck yeah, let's run?  Really, I can't run 5 steps much less 5K?   Hmmm, that sounds like fun?   Either way, get signed up for the Dance Dash 5k!  It is a fun 5K,  you can run or walk, but there…

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