Christmas in Action is a non-profit group that does some very amazing things for low income families and elderly in the community.  So what exactly does Christmas in Action do?  Keep reading to find out.

Say you are an elderly person, living on limited income and you have just enough to pay your bills, that doesn't leave much money for anything else including upkeep of your home.  Over time, your home slowly falls apart and before long it is too late.  So that is where Christmas in Action comes in.

Maybe you have a disability and your wheelchair cannot fit through your doorway or you cannot fit into the bathroom in your wheelchair.  If you don't have the money that is where Christmas in Action comes in.

Since 1988 Christmas in Action of Amarillo, a nonprofit volunteer community service agency has been addressing the problem of substandard housing for our low income elderly and disabled homeowners in Amarillo. It is a HUGE job!

Through the years of working with our local churches and civic organizations, countless 100’s of low income homeowners have been helped! Thousands of volunteers have given countless hours of their time and talents to serve those who cannot physically or financially perform the work themselves.

As our aging population grows larger and larger every year, there is a never ending demand for concerned people to invest with us to help our needy brothers and sisters live in decency, warmth, safety and independence.


Here is a family that was helped by Christmas in Action.

Over the last 5 years Christmas in Action has done the following:

Roof repair
Electrical Repair
Built Wheelchair Ramps
Repaired sewer lines
Replaced water lines
Repaired Gas lines
Replaced Water heaters
Installed Handicapped Accessible Commodes
Replaced sink faucets in bathrooms and kitchens
Replaced kitchen sinks
Replaced and/or repaired countertops
Replaced BathTubs
Installed accessible Showers
Installed Evaporative and Refrigerated AC units
Installed grab bars
Replaced siding
Replaced or repaired windows
Repaird or installed storm doors
Installed Solar Screens
Installed Ceiling fans
Replaced Energy efficiency Appliances
Installed Attic insulation
And finally PAINTED LOTS of homes!

Now you can help Christmas in Action, if you are musically inclined then you can use your talents to help Christmas in Action by taking part in the Christmas Carol Challenge.