While this video was originally published in 2009, it has started to cause an outrage after going viral in the past few days. The video shows a tragedy in Memphis where a 2 and 3 year old child die in a house fire. The thing that is really outraging people is that the kid's aunt seems to be more concerned about her purse and foodstamp card and can even be seen giggling about the situation.

The mother and aunt left the 2 and 3 year old home alone while they took a friend home. While they were gone they received a phone call telling them that the house was on fire.

Neighbors had tried to enter the house after hearing screaming coming from the building. The fire was too hot and there was too much smoke. They could not save the children.

Sadly, both children died in this fire. The aunt states that she does not feel responsible for what happened and that she doesn't if the kids started the fire or someone threw something in the house to start the fire. She then says "I just need to see if I can find my purse in there, because it has my foodstamp card..."

Watch the video below.