Sometimes, I am amazed that I am still able to function with at least a minimal level of sanity.  In my typical day, I am up at 6am in order to get breakfast and lunch ready for the kids.  If I am lucky, I can sneak in a 10 minute shower before everyone else is up and overtaking both bathrooms.  At 6:45am, the real madness begins!  Two boys moaning about getting out of bed, the man of the house (that would be Shane) ironing his work shirt frantically while downing several cups of coffee, and me, trying to wrangle everyone (and their stuff!) and get them out the door in time for school and work.

After dropping off the kids, I am off to my practica site to assess kids, consult with teachers, make contact with my site supervisor, and get in my hours for the week.  Next, it’s usually a quick stop either through a drive-through or to my home to grab the quickest, healthiest to-go meal possible while struggling not to make a mess of my clothes in the car.


My next venture is often to Canyon, where I am loaded down with testing kits and protocols in order to meet with my practica supervisor and to grade my latest pile of assessments.  Then, back to Amarillo in time to pick up the kids from school at 3:00pm.  From 3-5pm, it’s homework time… for the kids, and for me!  I am often scrambling to get things together for the class coming up at 5:30 on the very same day, and as soon as Shane has a foot in the door, I am running out again with a quick kiss and a “see you after 10!”

Now it’s time for my mad dash back to Canyon, where I am typically running into the classroom just steps ahead of my professor.  I make myself as comfortable as possible in the hard maroon seat that I have become very accustomed to, knowing that I will be here for the next 4+ hours.  After class, my classmates and I complain for a few minutes about how overwhelmed we are, and then back to Amarillo I go.

On the weeks that Shane is home and not traveling for work, I am blessed with a hot meal when I arrive home, where he has been patiently waiting to eat dinner with me despite being famished, I’m sure!  When he is not here, it’s a trip to pick up Hunter from his aunt’s house, back home to hustle him into bed, and a bowl of Cheerios as I sink into the couch.  By this time, it is usually nearing 11pm… and you would THINK bedtime would be next, right?  Oh, quite the contrary… this is prime homework and grading time!

A quiet house, no interruptions, and I am still wide awake.  Several hours later, when my eyes are feeling the sting of sleep deprivation, the blue glow of my laptop finally ceases as I pack the stacks of books, articles and lecture notes away for the night.  Around 2:30am, my head finally hits the pillow, and with dread I set my alarm clock for a mere
3 ½ hours later.  Almost time to do it all over again!