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The Grace Period is Over for the Cell Phone Ban in Amarillo
I'm not a fan of the cell phone ban, it isn't because I text and drive.  That is just crazy dangerous but I do missing being able to take phone calls while driving. That is the only time I can take private calls without people or my son hearing a conversation that doesn't need to be shared.  I haven…
See Through Walls With A Cell Phone
Peeping toms, perverts, and wannabe superheroes rejoice! Researchers at the University of Texas – Dallas have designed an imager chip that could turn mobile phones into devices that can see through walls, wood, plastics, paper and other objects.
Who Makes The Best Cell Phones?
This is a question for the ages, or at least our age. It is a constant battle between cell phone makers and operating systems. It continues to get more heated and more polarized.

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