Does Your Pet Sleep In Bed With You? — Survey of the Day
Serious pet owners consider their four-legged companions to be more a part of the family than, well, many actual members of their family. That, at least, is what nine out of 10 pet owners said in a recent poll examining the American people and their furry little friends.
Lost Cat Found 2,000 Miles Away from Home [VIDEO]
Daniel Johns, adopted Waylon a 1-year old tabby from a shelter and an hour after his adoption the cat chewed through a dryer vent and escaped from Daniel's home in Fort Meyers, FL.  Thinking that the cat was gone forever, Daniel was surprised when he got a call 6 months later saying that W…
Family Dog Eats A $4500 Wedding Ring
Dogs will eat anything.  ANYTHING!  I swear my dog is a goat.  However, can you imagine losing your wedding ring, searching everywhere, then figuring it was your dog.  That is exactly what happened to Rachelle Atkinson.
Lesson Learned: Cats and Dryers Don’t Mix
So I had a moment of horror this weekend.  I started doing my laundry yesterday and I reached over and turned on the dryer to fluff the clothes in there so I could hang them up wrinkle free.  Once I turned it on I hear a thump, then another thump.
Amazing Spider Cat Climbs Entire Wall [VIDEO]
This possibly titanium-clawed feline scales right up a kitchen wall while in pursuit of an elusive laser pointer. Then, as if to proof its amazing climbing abilities weren’t just some fluke of adrenaline, the cat holds on, five feet high, for a good three seconds. Check out…