Delays and Closures Due To Snow
Because of snow and ice, there will be highway and business closures around Amarillo today, December 28th, 2015.
Although Amarillo was prepared for a much bigger snowstorm than what we got this weekend, the roads are still icy and dangerous in some areas...
How to Prepare for a Snowstorm
Here we are in winter and our local meteorologists are expecting quite a bit of snow starting today and lasting through tomorrow.  It looks as if the total expected snow it 6-10 inches.  When we hear anything over 3 inches, we tend to start calling it a snowpocalypse.   Hopefully it won't be anythin…
Why I Don’t Like Ice and Snow
I must admit I was thankful that I was on vacation when the snow started coming down on Friday.  I knew that I could stay warm and cozy in my house and didn't have to worry about getting out and battling the roads.
Winter Weather Moves Into Panhandle
It is no secret that it has been super cold, but get ready because more winter weather is on it's way.  Are we getting snow, ice, or just more cold weather?  I have all the details below.

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