Will It Ever Rain Again?
Will it ever rain again? The short answer is YES. But it sure hasn't felt like it lately around the Texas panhandle.
Amarillo Has Achieved Record Rainfall Status for August
Amarillo has received a lot of rain in the last few weeks.  It seems almost as if we decided to switch place with Seattle for a month.  We have seen at least a bit of rain nearly every day for the last two weeks.  We have also seen some torrential downpours and storms.  We have h…
Amarillo Severe Weather Expo
When it comes to severe weather Amarillo has its share of storms.  It's always a wise idea to be prepared and now you can.  Coming up this weekend you can learn all about severe weather and more with the National Weather Service.
A Warning For Storm Season
Spring and severe storm season is here. Now is the time to make sure you are prepared so you don't get caught off guard if you experience storm related damage.
Weather Delays and Cancellations
Winter weather is upon Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle.  Due to the snowfall in the area roads are snowy and icy. Here's a list of delays and cancellations for area schools, organizations and businesses.

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