This week's Top 5 in 1987 included: a song about a mouse, two cover songs, a "hair band" and the younger sister of "The King of Pop.

Let's take a look at the Top 5 from the week of March 14, 1987.

Club Nouveau's cover of the Bill Withers classic, "Lean On Me" was at #5, while last weeks #1 song, "Livin' On A Prayer," from Bon Jovi slid down to #4. At #3 Janet Jackson was continuing success with her "Control" album and the hit, "Let's Wait Awhile and at #2 was the theme about a little mouse named Fievel. The movie was "An American Tail" and the song was from Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram called, "Somewhere Out There."

By the way, the last time a little "critter" was in the top two, on the chart, was back in 1972, when Michael Jackson sang about a rat, named Ben.

Our #1 this week was written by Bruce Hornsby and his brother John. Hornsby was in the top 10 this same week and heading to peak at #4 with "Mandolin Rain." Hornsby would go on to record this song on his album, "Scenes From The Southside" in 1988.

This would be the 3rd release from Huey Lewis & The News' album, "Fore!" and would hang at #1 this week.

So, let's go "Step by step. Rung by run. Climbing "Jacob's Ladder."

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