Happy Anniversary to our sister state to the west of us, New Mexico.

'The Land of Enchantment' entered the Union on January 6, 1912, making it the 47th State in the U.S.

I had a chance to work in Albuquerque for about three years starting back in 2000.

Some of the best sunsets can be found in Albuquerque. My apartment overlooked the mountains and when the sun was setting and hit them it was just beautiful.


Here is one of my favorite pics I took during a Huey Lewis & The News show at Sandia Casino in 2012.

Huey Lewis & The News at Sandia Casino 2012
photo courtesy of rick andrews

Because it's the 'Balloon Capitol' and home to the Balloon Festival it wouldn't be any surprise to hear a hot air balloon gliding over the apartment complex on any given weekend morning.

I still go to visit from time-to-time and some of my favorite stomping grounds are:

Here's some facts that you may not know about the State.

  • State Capitol: Santa Fe
  • State Flower: Yucca Flower
  • Area: 121,590 square miles
  • Largest city: Albuquerque
  • Coldest day: January 1, 1951 (-50)
  • Hottest day: June 27, 1994 (122)

New Mexico was given its name by 16th century Spaniards in Mexico.

It is also the birthplace of the 'Nuclear Age.' The world's first atom bomb was exploded at a test site near Alamogordo in 1945.

There are more than 110 caves in the Carlsbad Caverns. One of those caves is 22 stories high and is home to tens of thousands of bats.


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