I don't want to sound "alarmist" and I don't want to come across as a "square." I am here to simply give a heads up to those Texans with certain sensibilities.

Be strong Lone Star State. Don't give in to the colossal temptations offered by other states.

Texans Going Gambling In Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico

It's true. You see the billboards along the highways, specifically targeting Texans and trying to lead them astray into a life of gambling at fancy hotel and casino combinations that offer amenities like spas, massive concerts, fine dining options, and entertainment to go along with rolling the devil's dice...so to speak.

Many have given in to the siren call of the nice accommodations, taking their hard earned money for long weekend getaways to, sometimes, resort like destinations far from their Lone Star home. The allure of near five-star service too much to resist.

Thank God our legislators are out there protecting us from the temptation of concierge service.

Now, We're Beginning To See Billboards Of Another Vice

We're all aware of our more wayward neighbors who have decided to legalize and experience and economic boom. Of course, I speak of cannabis.

I recently spotted a billboard for a cannabis shop in New Mexico on the highway in Amarillo. It's a shame.

This billboard is there calling Texans to take their money out of state, yet again, to spend on something that our legislators have taken a stand to protect us from.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

It is fortunate they have. Otherwise how would we deal with power companies buying land for more substations to keep up with the demand of grow operations. How would cities cope with the demand placed on city utilities when it comes to water usage?

What would they do with all the money? Thankfully they don't have that stress.

Fortunately construction companies and contractors will never know the pain of having to keep up with the demands of all the new construction. We won't have the strain of new industries emerging alongside the legalization of the devil's lettuce.

No. Instead, Texans will now have to be resolute and strong as they drive along highways in west Texas and the panhandle. You will have to try hard to not heed the call of the cannabis siren, luring you to take your money to another state.

I see you, New Mexico. Well played.

In all honesty, I take it as payback for all of the 72 oz steak billboards we've got along I-40.

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