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In a recent piece on NPR, the point is made that Texas is need of new revenue sources. Our state has been hit hard financially by the pandemic, plus the drop in the price of oil. Keep in mind, there's no dipping into our state's rainy day fund until January at the earliest.

Immediately, I thought to myself that this would be a great time to start working on legalizing marijuana in the state of Texas.

I don't partake. My feelings on the issue stem from seeing what has happened in my home state of Oklahoma. If you want people employed, and you want an economic boost, this is definitely a way to go.

From a purely economic standpoint, I think it just makes sense. Legalizing is a boon to a lot of non-related industries. I have two friends in non-related industries that got a boost when Oklahoma passed their legislation.

One builds fences for a living. There were specific guidelines that you must meet if you are growing a plant outdoors. That led to a lot of people needing to have fences either built or rebuilt. His business was slammed with people needing fences done.

Another friend of mine pointed out that utility companies were seeing a boost as well. It takes a lot of electricity and water to successfully grow the plants.

Not to mention the jobs that get created in cultivation, testing, and in the operation of stores.

In my hometown, there are individuals who are making a decent salary just helping dispensaries install ATMs within the required guidelines.

And of course, there's the tax revenue to think of.

In my opinion, it's time, Texas - let's be green.

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